Zone is an intensive program aimed at adults of all levels, ages, and dance backgrounds, who are looking to deepen their dance experience. The program offers two tracks and new students are selected by a brief & relaxed audition. There are 3 Zone Sessions this year.

Registration Date for the Winter/Spring Audition: January 4th, 2019.

Information on Tracks, Choreographers, Auditions & Registration below.

About Zenon Dance Company

Technique Track

Tuition – $52/week

This program is for dancers of ALL levels, backgrounds, and ages,
who are looking to enhance creative and technical skills, and explore different styles of dance.

Technique Track tuition covers UNLIMITED DANCE CLASSES during the session, with a minimum requirement of attendance at four classes per week.

This track offers SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS for those who already take 2+ dance classes at Zenon.

Performance Track

Tuition – $52/week

This program is for students with a strong intermediate or advanced level of dance technique and who are looking for opportunities to perform.

Performance students attend classes, LEARN and COLLABORATE with local area choreographers, and perform in an end-of-session SHOWCASE

Performance Track tuition covers unlimited classes during the session, with a minimum of three classes per week, and must perform in at least one showcase piece.

**Students who audition for the Performance Track and do not qualify will be automatically offered a contract for the Technique Track.”

The Zone program has allowed me to grow in terms of both technique and performance at a manageable price. It has been an unparalleled opportunity to work with and get to know a wide range of choreographers and fellow dancers in the Twin Cities. In this sense, Zenon’s Zone program opens the door to dance opportunities and advancement in the Twin Cities like no other program I know.
– Nina Ebbighausen


Winter/Spring 2019 Choreographers

Dancers chosen for the Performance Track for Winter/Spring Session will have the opportunity to work with these local choreographers.


Karina Culloton

Rehearsals Mondays 12-2 pm

“I am interested in exploring movement in/out/around/within the spatial structure of a column/line. I am curious how this constraint will develop movement ideas and create contiguous patterns/relationships between dancers. I am excited to create full bodied movement in a set space and to see where the process carries us.”

Rayna Howard

Rehearsals Sundays 3-6 pm

This piece will explore the mental, physical and spiritual journey of breaking down the barriers which we have learned/ adapted from adolescent to adulthood. What happens when you began to strip away your parents, peers and societies perceptions of who you are and/or should be? where do you look to figure out who you are to become? How do you decide to take that first step? How do you learn to walk your truest path?

Jesse Neumann-Peterson

Rehearsal Saturdays 2:15-4:15 pm

“It will be modern dance, athletic and nuanced. I will introduce phrase work and have the dances expand on it. The dancers can expect to work with dance phrase material, to be tasked with manipulating that material with specific direction, performance focus and creating individual intention, some improvisational tasks, and group focus and intention. My themes tend to be interpersonal without delving into the romantic or overly dramatic. I usually ask the performers to mine personal experience at their comfort level in relation to an emotional tone or common human experience. Mostly we dance and drill the phrase work.”





2019 Spring Zone Concert at Zenon!

Concert features the Zenon Zone Dancers and works by Karina Culloton, Rayna Howard, Jesse Neumann-Peterson!

We are always amazed by the quality of the work in the Zenon Zone concerts, and by the passion and beauty of these young dancers... there is no better place or time to celebrate the continued growth of our dance community.  Please join us!

Dates: Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18

Time: 8:00pm

Ticket cost: $10.00 for adults, children under 12 free

 Location: Zenon Dance School, 4th Floor, Studio 4A


Summer 2019 Zone Audition date and details coming soon.....please contact for questions and check back soon!

Program placement will be determined based on technical level and performance.

Tuition costs may be offset by enrollment in Xchange, Zenon's work/study program, or by enrolling in a payment plan. Limited spots are available for Zone+Xchange.

For details on the audition contact Danielle Robinson-Prater at

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